Summer camp at Nava Gokula farm


(8. - 11.8.2020)

Festival is followed by Sri Krsna Janmastami and Vyasapuja of Srila Prabhupada (12. - 13.8.2020).

Due to different quarantine reasons Nama hatta camp in Kalich (Kamenice nad Lipou) had to be canceled this year. We've decided to organize smaller camp at our Nava Gokula farm.

Nava Gokula farm offers nice environment in the community of devotees with big festival hall. Cooking will be on fire; vegetables and almoust all milk will be from local production. By your donation you would support development of our farm and imporvement of conditions for the upcoming similar festivals. We'd like to organize program for children so that their parents may dedicate themselves to more hearing. Our accommodation capacity is limited so we would have to improvise.

We'd like to set strong devotional atmosphere at our camp. We expect everyone to come primarily for more hearing and chanting of Krsna and to serve in the community of devotees. That's why everyone should take part in all spiritual programs and engage in everyday service (cooking, vegetables, cleaning etc.). Exception is for mothers (or fathers) with little children and childred younger then 15.

HG Manidhara Prabhu


Reserve your attendence till 31st of July. But it is better to do it as soon as possible (so that we can prepare sufficient background).
Register yourself by an email to mataji Farida:
- Names and age of attendees
- Days you would attend (including Janmastami and Vyasapuja of Srila Prabhupada)
- If you'd like to stay at Gokula in asram, in a tent, on a hay or if you'd arange your accomodation by yourown at Gokula surroundings. 

Would be amazing, vegetarian, krsna-prasadam - cooked on fire from our own season ingredients. Grew and cooked with love and devotion.

As many of you know accommodation conditions at Gokula are limited but we still work on it's impovement. Limited number of guests can stay at asram for men and at asram for women (advantage will get those who would register earlier). There is also a possibility of camping in a tent. Outdoor showers would be available and all good outdoor toilets. For men and women bathroom with warm water will be available. Softer characters or families with children probably would prefer to stay at some neighbouring hostel. In case please don't hessitate to contact Kanai Thakur Prabhu, who is taking care of accommodation and would gladly assist you - see contacts below.

Please also be aware that at Gokula is a limited electricity availability (a lot of buildings are intentionally build without electricity). It is good to have your own flashlight and arrange your own source of charging for your phones or turn them off for 4 days :-). Signal is poor here anyway.

We'd like to try system of donations and sponsorships.
Your donations would cover:
vegetables from Gokula devotees - they would get money instead of corporate companies. Rukminí Raman Prabhu already has whole field full of young plants.
- milk from our cow Bahula (or our neighbouring Krsna-friends) - in such a way we'd support cow protection and local devotees.
- flour from Krisnuv Dvur farm - support of our affiliated farm in Czech.
- other grocery
- other operational costs (wood for cooking etc.)
- rest of the finances would be used for technical preparation of our camp or future farm building - surely we'd use properly donations of all cost.
Recommended donation cost per 1 person for 4 days is 1000,- (including Janmastami and Vyasapuja 1500,-). Accommodation besides Gokula is under care of yourown and is paid by yourown.
Donations and gifts you may sent to Prabhupad Bhavan account (see footer of this page) in advance or give them personally while registration on our camp. Put "CAMP" to the note field.

- Take part in all blissful spiritual programs and engage in basic services for Krsna (parents of little children are an exception).
- Follow 4 regulative principles and chant as many rounds you can on japa (perfectly 16).
- Don't bring any commercial goods, sweets, bread etc. to Nava Gokula.
- Limit using of electricity (full prohibition in temple room).
- No electric device in children's hands (tablets, smartphones, video games, electronic toys etc.). Please also limit an amount of toys your child would use to toys from natural materials, stay away from commercial topics. Children would have enough of sufficient engagement and fun. In this way we'd keep the atmosphere clean and highly spiritually lifting. 


Registration: bhn. Farida - - 774 544 718‬

Accommodation: Kanái Thákur dás - - 723 835 095

Kitchen chief: Dharanídhara dás - - 730 515 193‬

Everything else: Sankírtan dás - - 739 634 848



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